979_8_6702_1333_2_Kindle_CVRNow available to buy on Amazon, A Cornish Cargo, my book about the Dupens. Introductory offer price £1.99 Kindle edition, £8.99 paperback.

Welcome to the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. It is probably not where you expected it to be. But the small town of Hayle, on the north coast of Cornwall, was once home to the two biggest foundries in the world. Henry Harvey and his rivals at the Cornish Copper Company exported steam engines and iron goods all over Britain and beyond. Ships from Hayle traded around the coast of the UK, to the ports of the Mediterranean, and across the Atlantic. The age of steam changed lives. This website is dedicated to one seafaring family from Hayle, the Dupens. Some of their voyages begin and end in Cornwall, others take them further afield, to India, Australia, America. What they have in common is that they have largely been forgotten by history.

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